nani IRO Textile は、水彩画家・伊藤尚美のアートワークから生まれる、大阪発のテキスタイルブランドです。
2002 年、ダブルガーゼプリントによるテキスタイルの先駆けとしてスタート。
暮らしの品々を提案する「SUMAU nani IRO」の設立(2009)、ショップ「ATELIER to nani IRO」のオープン(2012)、
また展覧会「ITSURA TEXTILE 展」の開催(2013)など、精力的な活動を通し、
今や日本だけでなく、欧米やアジアを含む世界30 ヶ国以上の人々に愛されています。

2011 年、美しい森を擁する三重県伊賀に居を移したことにより、その蜜月はさらに熟し、深まっています。

We sometime encounter a breath-taking moment in our everyday, seemingly repetitive life.
It could be the sky in the evening twilight on the way home from the grocery store, or flowers in
gorgeous colors quietly yet bravely stretching out on a city street corner.
I want to receive the fact that I certainly exist in this beautiful world, and sew it on my heart.
Everyone might be going about their lives wishing for this.

nani IRO Textile is a textile brand from Osaka created from watercolor artist Naomi Ito’s artwork.
In 2002, we established our brand pioneering the double gauze print textile.
Later, a collaborative product development with a fabric maker enabled us to launch linen and other
original fabric lines.
Since then, we’ve gone on to collaborate with various other brands – Paris Bonton, Astier de Villatte,
Sunshine+Cloud and so on. In 2009, we launched of “SUMAU nani IRO” where we offer daily items. In
2012, we opened of our shop “ATELIER to nani IRO”, and in 2013, we had the “ITSURA TEXTILE” exhibition.
Through the vigorous works and collaborations, we have been continuously pursuing the possibilities of
textiles, not just as material but sometimes as art. Now we are loved by many people, not only in Japan,
but also more than 30 countries all over the world.

Naomi Ito has been close with nature.
It is an irreplaceable source of the imagination behind her expression as an artist.
In 2011, she moved to Iga, Mie, Japan, which is enveloped in beautiful forests, which made her relationship
with nature ripen and deepen.
Her art is born by living together with “natural antiques” such as rotting leaves and berries, branches or
By making textiles from the art, the possibilities of new stories with those who receive them are limitless –
such as items that give an impressive color to the interior space, or that add an accent to your accessories,
or the piece perfectly brings your outfit together.
We hope you keep these breath-taking moments close to yourself and treasure them.